Programs for Teachers

Leadership Academy

A special certificate course that empowers school leaders to run schools efficiently both in academics and intuitional aspects. The course is unique blend of theory and practicum.

Professional Development programs

An international endorsed in-service

  • Teacher training (TECC) program for individual who want to be teachers or to improve their teaching.
  • The ECED diploma program’s curriculum is planned to train pupils to maintain childcare environments for youngsters from birth through approximately age eight (or third tier). The programme has been developed based on the following principles
  • Integration of Content and Methodology
  • Field-based Approach
  • Project Based Work and Post Course Assignment
  • The programme will be based upon the six areas of learning

English Language Programs

  • English language proficiency programs – local and international ELPP is a category to improve English language proficiency of an individual according to his or her need
  • English language teaching programs – local and international ELTP is a category to learn English language Teaching skills of teachers who wish to teach at various levels.

Life Skill Based Education Programs

The program focuses on cultivating personal life skills such as self-reflection, critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills.

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